Greensboro Shoplifting Lawyer – Shoplifting Spree comes to an End

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It appears in some cases Shoplifting does pay, that is until you get caught. At their $1.3 Million home in Chicago, federal agents arrested two parents in their 50’s and their 34 year old daughter for Shoplifting crimes. Their Shoplifting total equaled over $7 Million Dollars worth of Merchandise. Each was charged with Interstate Transportation of Merchandise for their Shoplifting acts.

Their Shoplifting methodology all started with a Black Dress. The mother wore a black dress with Shoplifting Compartments sewn inside whereby she stuffed goods inside. As she was leaving the store, the other Shoplifting family members would provide a distraction so they could all get away with ease. The Shoplifting family worked together, stealing expensive toys such as American Girl dolls.

Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble both reported huge Shoplifting losses as a result of this Shoplifting Family. The family had a fence who would purchase the Shoplifted items from them and then sell the items on ebay. The Feds, who were following this case, noticed the Shoplifted goods of about the same amount as reported stolen appearing on ebay. They approached the fence, and in agreement not to prosecute him, he gave up the Shoplifting Family.

So the family had made a lot of money Shoplifting, across multiple states and everything was going good until they were caught. If you or someone you know has been caught Shoplifting in Greensboro, High Point or Asheboro – Guilford County or Asheboro County – Contact our Lawyers today!