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Most Shoplifters look like ordinary shoppers, until someone looks through a security camera and sees Shoplifting in action. Peering across feeds in stores throughout North Carolina, security personnel and store managers are seeing shoplifters operate at an alarming rate per a personal injury attorney near me.

For instance, the Park Slope Food Co-Op is only open to members who number 16,390. The way they situate their hours of operation it reduces costs, making their prices lower than chain supermarkets. This concept is having a big issue with shoplifting according to top rated lawyers in Greensboro NC.

The manager estimates that Shoplifting and Larceny’s account for an average loss of $700 per day. But this month he has revised this Shoplifting and Larceny number to $1,200 per day. The sad part is that this leads to an estimated $438,000 a year worth of Shoplifting losses per a criminal lawyer in Greensboro NC.

Because the co-op is open to members only, this means that the Shoplifting totals are due to inside jobs. At one point in time the co-op installed a high chair where a member would sit and keep an eye on Shoplifters. This in-turn kept Shoplifters from committing Larcenies, because of the awareness the high-chair created. Customers however complained about the high-chair and it was removed and in turn the number of Shoplifting cases increased per our divorce attorney in Greensboro NC.

Traditionally members of co-ops are punished within according to personal injury lawyer. The sentence for being caught Shoplifting is being barred for life.

Recently a tipster informed the manager that a member was Shoplifting from the co-op five times a week. They kept an eye, and sadly they were able to produce photographic evidence of the woman committing Larceny and she immediately left the co-op.

Occasionally, the police are called to the co-op to handle Shoplifting cases. The police were upset because they were called to the store to handle a shoplifting case involving $25 worth of groceries. The woman caught Shoplifting was charged with Larceny and had to attend court as a result of her Theft.

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