Greensboro Second Degree Trespass Lawyer – Trespass Charges for Moral Monday

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Moral Monday Protestors were brought to court for 2nd Degree Trespass cases. Five protestors charged with Trespass were acquitted because the prosecuting witness could only recall generalities about the demonstration and could not give specific testimony as to the actions of each individual with reference to 2nd Degree Trespass. Because of these acquittals the Wake County District Attorney’s Office dismissed charges against the other 52 people arrested for 2nd Degree Trespass on May 20.

The dilemma with the Trespass charges were that the protestors were gathered within a public building during normal hours and at no point in time did they attempt to occupy the building. Instead 945 people were taken into Custody and charged with Trespassing, Failing to Disperse and Violating Building Rules.

26 People were convicted of Trespass and other charges, 31 were acquitted of the Trespass charges. In the cases involving conviction, the prosecuting witness could identify the individual actions which involved Second Degree Trespass. All of the cases involving a Trespass Conviction have been appealed. Citizens will always have the right of Assembly Peaceably. Hopefully when the next Legislative Session reconvenes, the police will take their time when charging citizens with Second Degree Trespass.

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