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Greensboro Police Officers pray with Protestors

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We’ve all seen sensationalized scenes often being politicized for one group or another’s gain during this election season. However, seeing Greensboro police officers pray with protestors has been in image that will forever remain in our minds. This was so refreshing because it was devoid of someone or some group trying to use the protests for their own gain, but rather it was about bringing people together in one voice, one spirit, and as equals.

Officers joined hands with protestors on Facebook Live and they all prayed together according to our attorney in Greensboro. Officers could be seen giving hugs to protestors and protestors could be seen giving hugs to the police. This is what it’s all about. Our Greensboro attorney applauds the initiative started by Jermaine Wright and we hope we continue to see this as time goes by.

At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, our lawyers in Greensboro NC fully support prayer in all circumstances. Regardless, of whether it’s concerning racial issues in our country, the coronavirus, or for any other positive purpose that’s out there, we fully support the power of prayer.