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Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer gives update on Knife Attack

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Our Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer handles all sorts of cases. Whether it be car accidents or slip & falls. However, a recent case where a 48-year-old woman broke into a restaurant and cut a teenager inside, well that’s a new one by us.

Our personal injury lawyer was advised that the woman broke into the home. Stole items and then used a knife to attack a teenager inside the house. The victim’s personal injuries were minor and according to our personal injury attorney she is having those injuries treated.

The woman has been jailed and placed under a $200,000 bond. At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, our Greensboro lawyer handles every type of personal injury and criminal case. Contact our Greensboro law firm today if you or someone you know is need of help with a legal situation.