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Greensboro Personal Injury Attorney gives update on Wrongful Death

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An EMT lost her life after officers entered her home and exchanged gunfire with her boyfriend. The officers were executing a search warrant according to our criminal lawyer, when they entered her apartment just before 1 AM.

Law enforcement advises that the reason for the search warrant was they had received information that her apartment was being used as part of a drug trafficking ring. The police believed they were using the apartment to keep their drugs from being detected.

The officers say they knocked according to our Greensboro attorney. After no response police forced their way into the residence. The moment they entered the residence, they claim they encountered gunfire. Our Greensboro criminal attorney has been advised that the family says no one ever knocked or announced themselves. They claim the gunfire was self defense because they didn’t know who was coming into the apartment. There is no body camera footage according to our Greensboro lawyer.

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