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Greensboro Attorney gives update on Burglarized Buildings

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Guilford County restaurants have already suffered enough as a result of the coronavirus. Now three businesses in Guilford County North Carolina have been burglarized and vandalized. All three restaurants are located next to each other. A burglar threw a massive stone through each window and went inside and stole whatever they could.

According to our Greensboro attorney repairs could cost in the thousands for each of these businesses. The burglar got away with a negligible amount of cash from each business, but Jersey Mikes, Wholly Guacamole and China will have to pay a lot more for the damage to their buildings.

At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, we have a ton of respect for those in the restaurant industry. We hope these restaurants recover as our attorneys in Greensboro NC enjoy these places and the people who work there. Contact the criminal lawyer at 336-379-0539 for help with your criminal case.