Greensboro Lawyer looks into recent Employee Firing at Cookout

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Our Greensboro lawyer advises that when law enforcement walks into your restaurant, you need to go ahead and take their order. A cookout manager and cashier found this out the hard way because they didn’t take an order and both lost their jobs.

A police officer, and veteran, walked into cookout to place the order. The cashier refused to take the order. The cashier then asked another worker to take the order. The manager was in the back of the Cookout and when she came to the front the officer had left the building.

Both the cashier and manager have now lost their jobs. The cashier lost hers for not taking the order and the manager lost her job because they advised she should have left the store to find the officer and apologize. Our lawyer understands the firing of the cashier but thinks there must be more to the story for the manager.

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