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Greensboro Lawyer finds out about Woman Being Shot In Leg

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

McDonald’s…a place with so many items it’s amazing. Also, a lot of good memories. Whether it’s a happy meal or playing in the play place, McDonald’s has it all. Now apparently it has arguments that end up leading to shootings.

Our lawyer received word of a woman who was shot in the leg and taken to a local hospital after a confrontation outside the restaurant. Two vehicles passed each other, and the group in one vehicle believed the other almost hit them. They then followed the other vehicle around the parking lot. Our Greensboro lawyer, notes it probably would have been a good idea just to leave at this point in time.

The group got out of the car and someone opened fire. A woman was shot in the leg. She was immediately taken to the hospital because of her personal injuries.

Our attorney has advised that she is being treated for non-life threatening injuries at a local hospital. The Law Firm of Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson handles every type of case. Whether it be criminal, car accident, personal injury, DWI, family or workers comp, out attorneys do everything they can to help with your legal situation. Contact us today!