Greensboro Felony Lawyer looks into case of Body Found without Head and Hands

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Our Greensboro Felony Lawyer is looking into a rather wild case of a body being found without a head and hands. At 7:21 police received a call stating that a tent in the woods near an apartment building and wanted the police to take a look. As they were searching behind the apartment building they came across a body. This almost sounds like a case from Halloween or a Friday the 13th scenario.

The body had a green jacket, khaki pants and boots on. The dilemma was that without hands or a head, there was a lack of identifying information connected to the body. Our Greensboro Felony Attorneys have handled a lot of rather crazy situations, but nothing to this extent.

The police at this point are reporting that they do not think criminal activity was involved with the dead body, due to there not being any stab or gunshot wounds.

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