Can You Ask a Greensboro Traffic Attorney If You Can You Bring Your Children to Court?

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Can you ask a Greensboro traffic attorney if you can bring your children to court?  Of course, Greensboro traffic lawyers are here to answer all of your questions, and are always happy to assist you!

For many people charged with a traffic offense, the courthouse can be intimidating.  Often, it is the first exposure to the criminal law system that an individual has ever faced.  So, if forced to come to court to answer a traffic offense, can you bring your child with you?  After all, you may already be missing a day off work, the expense of an additional babysitter is a devastating collateral consequence to the ticket itself.


The best practice is to hire a Greensboro traffic lawyer to appear in court for you.  This expense is certainly less that the time and money spent missing work and home life.

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However, there are many traffic offenses that demand both the presence of the defendant and their chosen attorney.

In Greensboro traffic court, the presence of a child is often allowed or not allowed based on the particular judge in the courtroom.

Often, even they ask a person to take a child outside, they will help to accommodate by having the bailiff come get the person when it is their time to appear before the assistant district attorney or the judge.  Priority is given to those individuals as well.

There actually is no set law in North Carolina or under the Federal Government regarding a definitive answer.  But a judge does have the power to remove people who may be potentially disruptive, which may include children.

If you are worried about your time or the court’s policies, hire a Greensboro traffic law attorney to appear in court for you.  The Greensboro traffic lawyers at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson are here to help!