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Greensboro Felony Attorney looks into recent arrest of 3 Teens

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Shooting cases seem to start up in Greensboro and High Point over the most absurd situations. But recently, a Greensboro Felony case happened when a 2-year-old was sitting on his mother’s lap. At 8:07 pm, 30 shots were fired as a mother sat on her porch with her toddler. Fortunately, no one was injured, the mother ran inside the house, but was scared beyond belief because she initially thought her child had been shot.

Law enforcement has reported that this was likely the result of gang violence, as our most Greensboro shootings, and this is the 4th time they’ve responded to a shooting at this residence in less than a month.

And of course, as would happen with a shooting case, comes the retaliation. First there’s the shooting, then there’s the response. Law enforcement began to investigate possible retaliation in an effort to prevent it from happening. Police tried to stop a vehicle on Russell Ave and it kept on driving. The vehicle crashed almost immediately and there were five people in the car, three of which ran away. Police used a K-9 to track down those that ran.

One of the occupants of the vehicle told police they were driving around looking to retaliate. Three firearms were located in the car and one of the firearms was reported stolen out of Burke County. Two of the occupants of the vehicle were charged with Possession of a Stolen Firearm. None of the occupants were convicted felons and no was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

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