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A North Carolina man was rescued by an elite team of FBI agents after he was kidnapped, held for ransom, and terrorized for five days. The kidnapping was a result of his daughter, a prosecutor in Winston-Salem, NC, who prosecuted and had convicted a member of the Bloods Gang.

The daughter, Assistant District Attorney, Colleen Janssen, prosecuted Kevin Melton, a Blood Gang member, who is currently serving a life sentence for ordering the shooting of a man in 2011, as well as being convicted of Assault with a Deadly Weapon Intent to Kill and Habitual Felon.

According to the Federal Criminal Complaint, Melton had managed to have a cell phone inside his cell at the prison where he was housed, and he was in constant contact with the kidnappers.

During the abduction, the kidnappers took a picture of the father as he was tied up in a chair and then sent it to his wife, threatening to torture and dismember him if she were to contact the police.

Investigators were able to follow the link from the phone calls between Melton and the kidnappers and tapped the phones. They overheard a phone call where the kidnapper’s said, “the first spot we are checking is close to the house,” “we want to make sure it’s in a secluded area and the ground is soft so we can go 3 feet deep.” This created the impression they were about to kill and bury the father. This was followed with, “Get a bag, put it over his head, and stuff something in his mouth,” “However you feel like doing it, just do it,” and then finished with, “Make sure to clean the area up. Don’t leave anything. Don’t leave any DNA behind.”

Following this phone call, Federal Agents attempted to enter Melton’s cell and he barred the door and smashed the cell phone. Prison records show that on two occasions, Melton had been cited for possessing phones, and Prison Officials along with Federal Agents are investigating whether a staff member may have smuggled in the cell phone Melton had used to communicate with the kidnappers.

A few hours after Federal authorities entered Melton’s cell, Federal Agents and the FBI located the father in an apartment building. The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team was sent in and managed to rescue the father without incident. Five people were arrested and charged with a number of Federal Crimes.

The five of them appeared in Federal Court on Thursday and are charged with Federal Kidnapping which carries a maximum sentence of Life in Prison, and this case will be prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office.

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