Greensboro Family Lawyer on Domestic Violence Protective Orders

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Domestic Violence Protective Order Greensboro Divorce Lawyer

Domestic violence protection orders (“DVPOs”) are one of 4 types of court orders for domestic violence victims. DVPOs are available for victims of domestic violence OR people in fear of physical harm from a family or household member. It is NOT necessary to wait for abuse to occur before filing for a DVPO.

Protection orders can:

  • Restrain an abuser from further violence
  • Restrain an abuser from the victim’s school, workplace, residence
  • Prohibit contact with the victim
  • Award temporary child custody
  • Establish temporary visitation
  • Order treatment or counseling for an abuser
  • Prohibit removal of children
  • Order abuser to pay court costs incurred by the victim to obtain the order

Intentional violation of a protection order subjects the abuser to mandatory arrest, and possible criminal charges. Contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer for more information. A protection order with restraints from contact with the respondent’s minor children can last up to a year before it must be renewed.

Temporary emergency orders: If there is an immediate need for protection, a temporary protection order lasting up to 14 days can be obtained until a hearing can be held.

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