Greensboro Criminal Attorney Talks About New DWI Case

In Greensboro Criminal Attorney Talks About New DWI Case by GWAO

Greensboro Criminal Attorney talks about new DWI case, State v. Lindsey.

The Court of Appeals in State v. Lindsay (Sept 20, 2016) ruled that the Law Enforcement Officer had probable cause to arrest a defendant for a DWI after the defendant showed moderate amounts of alcohol, red and glassy eyes, and the defendant admitting to consuming alcohol hours, was enough to believe the defendant was impaired.

This is not a damaging case; it is exactly as top Greensboro DWI attorney Chad Garrett would expect.  “The Court of Appeals is simply mirroring our District Courts.

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 But that doesn’t mean these cases are un-winnable.  The facts just need to be presented in a better light.”

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