Greensboro DWI Privileges for a Standard Conviction

In Greensboro DWI Privileges for a Standard Conviction by GWAO

Greensboro DWI Driving Privileges for a standard conviction are available.

Greensboro DWI Driving Privileges from different stages, from the initial arrest, to refusal, to a final conviction are complex, but Greensboro Attorney’s Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson can assist you.

For a privilege from the time of the conviction, the pre-trial DWI privilege is available.


Level Three, Four or Five Conviction

No prior Impaired Driving Conviction within Seven Years

At the time of the offense held a valid license or a license that has been expired for less than one year

Valid DL-123 dated within 30 days of Privilege Application

Substance abuse assessment obtained (20-17.6)

$100 fee (to the Clerk of Court, cash only)

Employment Letter (for an application requiring work hours outside of standard hours)

Does not have an unresolved pending charge involving impaired driving except the charge for which the license is currently revoked under this section or additional impaired driving convictions since being charged for this violation.

Privilege expires at the end of the initial revocation period (cannot be extended)

For employment, maintenance of household, education, court-ordered treatment or assessment, community service ordered as a part of probation, and emergency medical care…ndard-conviction/