Greensboro DWI Driving Privileges For Refusals

In Greensboro DWI Driving Privileges For Refusals by GWAO

Greensboro DWI Driving Privileges for a refusals are available.

Greensboro DWI Driving Privileges from different stages, from the initial arrest, to refusal, to a final conviction are complex, but Greensboro Attorney’s Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson can assist you.

For a privilege from the time of the conviction, the pre-trial DWI refusal privilege is available.


One Year, effective on the 10th calendar day after the mailing of the revocation order

A DMV hearing is allowed, must request in writing prior to effective revocation date

Limited Privilege is allowed

At the time of the refusal, no prior willful refusals within preceding 7 years

The underlying charge, did not involve death or critical injury to another

The defendant’s license has been revoked for at 6 months for the refusal

Substance abuse assessment obtained (20-17.6) and recommended education or treatment has been completed

Underlying offense disposed of, either other than by conviction, or by a Level 3, 4, or 5 punishment and at least one of the mandatory conditions of probation has been complied with…ges-for-refusals/