Greensboro Criminal Lawyer looks into recent Greensboro Homicide

Greensboro Criminal Lawyer looks into recent Greensboro Homicide

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Greensboro Criminal Lawyer looks into Recent Murder

Today started as a bright and sunny day but the rain clouds blew in and brought some extremely powerful rainstorms. In between the rain drops a shooting occurred off of Cone Blvd in Greensboro. Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyer is looking into the case. The shooting happened across the street from Walmart on Cone Blvd and police are currently canvassing the scene.

It appears Greensboro has a shooting case each and every single day. We’ve recently received a report that the person shot on Cone Blvd today has passed away. There was a ton of effort to keep the shooting victim alive but sadly, the person died at the scene. The Greensboro Police Department is now investigating the case as a homicide.

Our Greensboro Felony Lawyer is looking into this case. The number of homicides in Greensboro is already way too high, and we’re beginning to find some consistency in homicides at gas stations.

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