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Greensboro Criminal Lawyer helps with Car Crash Case

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An SUV crashed into the front wall of a Mexican restaurant at 4:47 PM. Multiple people were inside of the restaurant at the time of the accident. Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers are here to help!

Witnesses at the scene advised that the Acura MDX accelerated as it hit the Mexican restaurant. Repair crews are onsite making temporary fixes so the restaurant can open by lunch time today.

Investigators are looking into the car accident to determine the cause. A Greensboro Criminal Lawyer at our firm is looking into the Greensboro Car Accident to determine whether or not Criminal Charges are necessary.

Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers are here to help you with you Greensboro Criminal Case. Whether it’s working through the nuances of an investigation the Greensboro Attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson are here to help you and you family when you need us most.