Can Greensboro Family Lawyers Explain What Impact A Divorce Can Have On Parent-Child Relationships?

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Can Greensboro Family Lawyer explain what impact a divorce can have on parent-child relationships? Yes! Most people are aware that a divorce affects more people that just the two people who are divorcing. Children are often caught in the middle of what can be a very long and stressful process on the entire family.

Almost fifty percent of children in the United States will witness their parents go through a divorce. Understanding the impact that the divorce can have on the parent-child relationship is important to ensure that the divorce process is not detrimental to the child. For more information about impacts that a divorce can have on parents and their children, speak with a Greensboro family attorney today!

Children who lived through a parent’s divorce can often show signs of poor physical or mental health, receive bad grades in school, and they can even have suicidal urges. These things can develop throughout the divorce process when the child’s relationship with their parents is strained. For example, the child can become distant from their parents. Most of the time there is some kind of custody agreement set in place, and so the child can become physically and emotionally distant from the parent that they no longer see as often. In turn, this can also create distance between the child and the parent that they do see often because there may be some sort of resentment the child feels towards that parent for not seeing the parent that is physically distant from them.

Lastly, a child can lose respect for their parents and for marriage as a whole. Because many marriages end after something bad has happened, the child may have seen the parents at an angry or sad time, and therefore this can cause the child to feel both anger and resentment.

Because children often look to their parents for inspiration and guidance, a divorce can leave a bad impression on the child in terms of marriage. Oftentimes, the divorce may have been a shock to the child, so it probably stands out to them in their childhood. In turn, this may diminish the value of a committed relationship in the eyes of the child.

If you are concerned about the effect that a divorce may have on your child, or your relationship with your child, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced Greensboro family lawyer today!

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