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Greensboro Criminal Lawyer gives update on Excessive Force Case

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Our Greensboro criminal lawyer has come across his fair share of excessive force cases through the years. After a man had run from the police and was later captured, the officers involved apparently took matters into their own hands and beat the man terribly.

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Photos have surfaced online.

Our criminal lawyer has been advised that after the man has been arrested the officer is overheard to say that this is what happens you elude the police. The man accuses the officers of beating him, repeatedly punching him and tasing him twice.

The officers initially had asked him if he had been drinking, to which he replied he hadn’t.

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The officers asked him to step out of the vehicle and at that point he drove away. The police later found the man at his home. They tased him because he refused to comply.

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And that’s when the beating started according to our Greensboro attorney. The man suffered a broken nose, broken ribs, and a concussion as a result of the assault. Our personal injury lawyer has advised that the man is seeking to sue the city for his personal injuries.