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Criminal Attorney gives update on Terrible Murder

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A video will be played before a grand jury to determine whether or not to indict two men who murdered an unarmed man who was jogging.

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It’s yet another egregious and unnecessary killing of an unarmed African American male.

Our Greensboro attorney advises that the 25 year old man was jogging when two white men chased him down. The men have said they thought the man looked like a suspect in a series of local break-ins. We have not seen the description of the alleged suspect, but our guess it the only thing that matched up was the alleged race, which is what makes this situation even more terrible.

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When is America going to look past the color of one’s skin?

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Dr. King’s dream has come a very long ways, but we’re still not at the point of all people in our great country looking at people as human beings and not on the basis of race.

Our Criminal lawyer fully expects these men to be charged with murder. These situations have got to stop. Our lawyers in Greensboro NC are tired of seeing innocent men being attacked, shot, brutalized and even killed solely on the account of the color of their sin. We’ve got to do better!