Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorney: U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Barring Black Jurors Overturns Man’s Death Penalty Verdict.

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Georgia Man’s Death Row Verdict Overturned

The United States Supreme Court overturned Timothy Foster’s death penalty verdict, ruling that prosecutors illegally and unconstitutionally barred black jurors.

In a 7-to-1 verdict written by Chief Justice John Roberts the Court ruled that prosecutors barred black jurors by writing things such as “B#1” and “B#2,” noting the race of the jurors, a clear violation of supreme court precedent in Batson v. Kentucky, a 1986 case that bars jurors being struck for racial reasons.

Foster and his attorneys may now be able to petition for a new trial in the matter.

Justice Clarence Thomas, the sole African-American on the Court, cast the dissenting vote.

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