Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorney: Explain a Crime – When Shoplifting Turns into a Felony.

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Simple Shoplifting, under Certain Circumstances, Can Turn into a Felony.

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Shoplifting used to be one of those teenaged-type crimes, where experimenting young people would get in trouble, get a slap on the wrist, learn their lesson and go on about their way.

But, in North Carolina, and thanks to lobbying by retail companies, what seems like a simple misdemeanor shoplifting can easily turn into a felony.   If a person uses some tool or otherwise removes or destroys an anti-theft device (such as those annoying little magnetic things that hang from clothes in retail stores), the shoplifting becomes a Class H felony punishable, in the worst case scenario by upwards of 38 months.

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Similarly if a person uses an emergency exit door and takes goods worth $200 or more, that too constitutes a Class H felony.

Of course, a good attorney will work and advocate for a reduction in the charge, if the facts against the defendant are significant; however, it’s important to know that the simple shoplifting has the possibility to result in a felony record.

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