Greensboro Criminal Attorneys Can Help You Understand Court Costs and Jail Fees

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Greensboro criminal attorneys can help you understand court costs and jail fees! A common question that many people raise is what exactly court costs or jail fees are, and what they’re used for. Court costs and jail fees can add up and may be a surprise if you’re not expecting it.

There are three different types of jail fees that defendants may find themselves paying for. Pretrial jail fees are for people who are confined in jail while awaiting trial.

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Pretrial jail fees are paid to the county for maintaining the facility, and they usually amount to $10 per day. Technically this fee is a court cost, which means that the court could waive it.

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If pretrial jail fees are not waived by the court, the defendant is responsible for the payment. Speak with a Greensboro criminal defense attorney to help you understand under what circumstances this fee could be waived!

Probationary jail fees are the second type of fee that a defendant may have to pay for. These fees are applied to people who are sentenced to a term of probation. This can be a little confusing, as it is ambiguous who qualifies as someone who is on probation.

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Generally, the fee is applied to defendants who are ordered to spend time in jail as part of a special probation. This is also commonly referred to as a split sentence. The current rate for probationary jail fees is $40 per day. It is important to note that probationary jail fees are discretionary, meaning that the judge can choose to impose it or not impose it. For more information on probationary jail fees, contact a Greensboro defense lawyer.

The third kind of fee is a work release earning. This is when a jail can collect an adequate amount of money from an inmate’s work release earnings to pay for the amount of the inmate’s keep. This could essentially help an inmate pay for the cost of living while in jail.

If you are concerned about jail fees or court costs, you should not hesitate to reach out to a Greensboro criminal defense attorney to answer your questions. Other fees or exceptions could apply to your case. Contact an attorney at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson today for more information on court costs and jail fees.