Contested Divorce Lawyer

I you and your spouse are in dispute over who gets the marital home, alimony payments, asset division, debt sharing, child custody, or child support, you need a skilled divorce lawyer to help manage you these issues, and reach your goals. A Contested Divorce requires numerous legal documents and long sessions in court. The Greensboro Divorce Lawyers at Garrett, Walker, & Aycoth can manage every aspect of your divorce to be sure you walk away from court with a sense of success, accomplishment, and closure.

Depending on the details of your divorce, you will likely need an attorney to subpoena financial information to assess ability to pay spousal support; freeze marital assets using a Temporary Retraining Order; collect evidence or interview witnesses for a custody trial; or arrange mediation to help settle some disputes outside of court. It’s essential to have a competent, patient, and responsive to help you choose the right avenues to protect your interests in and out of court. You can count on the family law team at Garrett, Walker, & Aycoth to thoroughly manage your divorce, as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

Call our Greensboro attorney at 336-379-0539. With as little as one consultation, our skilled attorney in Greensboro can help you develop a plan for Divorce to divide your property, establish alimony, determine child custody, set up child support, or even govern communications between you and your spouse.