Greensboro Car Accidents and UM/UIM Coverage

Greensboro Car Accident Leaves Man Dead – Our Car Accident Lawyers look at the Crash

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A Greensboro Car Accident cost a man his live in March of 2019 after he was involved in a single-car accident while driving down Highway 220 in Guilford County. The man was apparently just exiting onto Highway 220 West at the time of the crash, which occurred at 12:02 A.M. Greensboro Car Accident Attorneys see this type of accident at this time of night on a frequent basis.

One thing that Greensboro Car Accident Lawyers might find interesting is that this was a one-vehicle accident and does not have an “at-fault” vehicle in the crash. This generally means that an insurance company will not become involved and unfortunately, there will be no funds payable to the family of the dead man.