Car Accident

Greensboro Car Accident Lawyers look at Recent Car Accident Case

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Our Greensboro DWI lawyers and Greensboro Criminal Lawyers are always keeping an eye on the latest news and we came across a rather sad story. A drunk driver driving in excess of 100 MPH after being spotted speeding by a police officer ran a red light and hit a High Point Father.

The father ultimately lost his life after a 19-year-old, who appeared extremely intoxicated drove recklessly and in getting away from the police hit and killed a man in Guilford County. The father was on his way to work when he was hit and killed by the Drunk Driver.

Our Greensboro Lawyers handle several cases like this each year. On the one end, our Greensboro Car Accident Lawyers handle car accidents involving serious injuries and death every single year. Our Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyers handle cases involving extreme personal injuries and work with our clients to find ways to get back to living normal lives again. Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers handle Murder Cases and Felony Death by Motor Vehicle Cases. And our Greensboro DUI Lawyers handle Driving While Impaired cases.

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