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Governor says Reopen NC is an allowable Protest

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Reopen NC is an organization who thinks the stay at home order infringes upon their freedom. Governor Cooper agrees, and with regard to their protest today, the Governor is all for it but stated that they need to practice social distancing guidelines for safety and well being of North Carolinians, according to our Greensboro Attorney.

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The protest is set to take place today and the group had concerns because someone had been arrested at a previous protest according to our lawyer. However, the Governor informed them that the reason for that arrest was not because they were protesting but because they were violating the social distancing aspect of the stay at home order.

The support behind this movement, though growing, is small in the grand scheme of things. A majority of North Carolinians are against this movement out of concern for others. Right now the battle-lines have been drawn between economic and business concerns and the health and well being of others. What comes first?


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