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Greensboro Attorney gives update on Crash that Killed Assistant Principal

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We’ve had a lot of sad stories lately, but the story of the car accident that took the life of a local assistant principal has been one of the more difficult ones according to our car accident attorney.

Just after noon investigators responded to the scene of a serious car accident. Authorities found a 35 -year-old woman behind the wheel of one car with numerous personal injuries according to our personal injury lawyer. The woman was an assistant principal of a high school just outside of Guilford County. The woman later died from her personal injuries.

The driver of the other vehicle and his passenger were taken to the hospital with personal injuries as well. The investigation into the deadly car accident resulted in findings that the other car had driven across traffic to crash with the other car. The man has now been charged in the accident and and for the wrongful death of the assistant principal according to our wrongful death lawyer.

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