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Greensboro Attorney gives update on 15 year old handcuffed

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Greensboro Attorney

Our Greensboro attorney has been updated on a rather disturbing story concerning a 15-year-old girl was handcuffed after making a trip to an auto parts store. The girl is homeschooled and has never been in any trouble before according to her parents.

She went with her cousin, according to a family law attorney at our law firm, to purchase parts for a car. Before they left the store they were approached by seven police officers.

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They were placed in handcuffs and sat on a curb for 25 minutes as they were questioned and searched. They kept asking why they were being detained and the officers advised we’ll let you know when we find out.

According to our criminal lawyer, the family is extremely upset about the situation, especially considering they were never contacted as their 15-year-old daughter was being questioned by the police.

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The family has filed a complaint concerning this situation and our top rated attorneys will continue to keep you updated as to what happens.

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Our personal injury attorney was updated that the child was not hurt as a result of the handcuffs being placed on her.