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Greensboro Attorney gives Sad Courthouse Update

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Greensboro Attorney

Our Greensboro attorney has an incredibly sad update from the Greensboro courthouse. A beloved bailiff, who did everything she could to help people, sadly past away yesterday. She had been in court the day before and had not felt well. She left court and tested positive for the coronavirus. It is unclear whether or not the coronavirus was the actual cause of her death.

Our attorney in Greensboro sends out his thoughts and prayers to her family and our entire courthouse family who are dealing with pain from such a terrible loss. It begs the question, what are we doing? Is the administration of justice worth the cost of people’s live unnecessarily? Should we take a step back and think about what matters and why we have a court system? It would seem it may be best for all of the lawyers in Greensboro NC to look at what’s going on in Guilford County, across our state, our country and our world to assess what’s most important at this point in time. How are we, as a court system, going to ask people to serve on a jury when we can’t guarantee them that it’s safe. How can we ask our clients in good conscience to come to court when we can’t guarantee that coming to the courthouse they will leave and not risk being exposed to a deadly virus and then exposing anyone they come into contact with to the same deadly virus?

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