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Greensboro Attorney gives Burglarly & Larceny Update

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Greensboro Attorney

Two local Greensboro businesses on Spring Garden St, were burglarized Thursday night. The suspects appear to have thrown large stones through the windows of their businesses to break in per an attorney in Greensboro NC.

At Spring Garden Bakery, they were able to get away with $200 in cash from the cash register per a Greensboro attorney. At Moonbird, they damaged the door but it doesn’t appear too much was taken. It appears from the alarms at the businesses that they broke in around 1:30 AM.

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Both business owners were thankful that it wasn’t worse and the larceny wasn’t any more than it was. With the setbacks due to the coronavirus, a number of Greensboro businesses are finding it difficult to survive and every little bit counts.

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The law attorneys at our law firm will continue to keep you updated as to the developments in this case.

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