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Going out to the bar can seem like a fairly good time until you hear what happened last night at Mother Tucker’s Eatery and Spirits on Spring Garden St.

For once, instead of it all starting over a girl, it all started over a beer. The moral of the story here is if you’re buying beer for people, make sure you get it for everyone at the bar because not doing so may just get you sliced up. A man purchased beer for a friend but not for another man at the bar and a Simple Affray broke out. A Simple Affray is a violent or threatening altercation between two or more individuals that could escalate into a larger, more serious altercation. Well this brawl definitely took a turn for the worst when one man pulled a knife and sliced the other man neck. The Assaulter fled the scene and was later caught by the police. The knife wielder was charged with Simple Affray as well as Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The man who purchased the drinks was also charged with Simple Affray.

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