Greensboro 50-B Domestic Violence Protective Order

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The courts will give the benefit of the doubt to a person who claims a Greensboro domestic violence incident. Law enforcement will also err on the side of caution when someone calls 911 to report a domestic dispute. Police may take one party into custody, depending on the circumstances. The court will then issue a Greensboro 50-B order that prevents that person from returning to the home or contacting the victim.

About 10 days after the incident, a hearing will be held on whether to extend the protective order. We represent victims who are trying to escape from an abusive relationship. Although a protective order is only a piece of paper, violating the order can result in serious criminal charges.

Sometimes domestic violence allegations are made up as a ploy in Greensboro 50-B or child custody proceedings. Sometimes the victim wants to reconcile or drop the charges. We will fight to prevent a permanent protective order or argue for an easing of the restrictions to allow our client to spend time with his or her children.