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Graduation leads to Wrongful Death according to Attorney in Greensboro NC

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As things cotinue to move toward reopening, people are getting back on the roads and trying to create some normalcy. The story we’re reporting on below, is a warning, that we need to be careful as we try to get back to doing what we were doing before, as our attorney in Greensboro observed a very difficult story of a car accident leading to the wrongful death of two parents leaving graduation.

A family leaving graduation was involved in a deadly car accident over the course of the weekend according to an attorney in Greensboro. The car accident has taken the lives of the parents in the front seat with the children in the backseat, the hospital is yet to release information on their current condition.

It’s safe to be assumed that they suffered numerous personal injuries, and they are in our thoughts and prayers. Local investigators are yet to release information as to what led to the crash and we will continue to keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Attorney in Greensboro

We can’t imagine what the young graduate is going through. A day which he thought he would forever remember as a day of triumph sadly became one of tragedy. It’s our sincere hope that he doesn’t blame himself for what happened. Working as an attorney in Greensboro, we see parents, siblings and friends often take responsibility for situations that our outside of their control.

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