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An Attorney in Greensboro gives update on Recent Arrest

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Escaped prisoners is a bit exciting when it comes to watching it in a movie, like in, “The Fugitive,” but when it comes to happening in real life, perspectives shift a bit. A UNC Greensboro police officer was the one who fatefully tracked down the inmate and arrested him according to an attorney in Greensboro NC.

The escapee had overpowered a deputy and stolen a car prior to the officer attempting to track him down. Prior to becoming a police officer the UNC Greensboro cop, was a student ranger and assisted with security on campus. So he was extremely familiar on the campus and as the 6 hour manhunt ensued, he thought that’s where he’d find him. Students were out of school for the summer as well as for the coronavirus. Our Greensboro attorney was advised that the officer was prepared for the encounter.

The officer noticed that the man had a sweatshirt covering his handcuffs and realized that this was the man he was looking for. The man surrendered without resisting and the UNC Greensboro police officer was able to apprehend him.

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