Gas Prices to Remain Low Through 2015 – More Driving, Tickets, and Economic Boon for Businesses

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In Greensboro and all over North Carolina lower gasoline prices are putting drivers on the road for more hours.

Prices have dropped almost 70 cents a gallon. That’s a savings of about $16 on a 20-gallon fill up.

Economists say gas will remain below three dollars a gallon through 2015.

As more drivers drive on Greensboro highways more hours, officers have been writing more and more traffic tickets.

Businesses and their employees are reaping a great benefit, however, as the cheaper prices have a huge impact on hiring, growth, business formation and even lay-offs.

The attorneys at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth are happy for any benefit to our business and employment law clients, and should you unfortunately be caught in a traffic ticket trap, we will be here to assist you with that as well.