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Fireworks Causes House Explosion per Attorney

In Criminal, Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

Greensboro Attorney

House explosions tend not to have positive results. Our Greensboro attorney reports that a recent house explosion claimed the life of a man who liked to build and create fireworks. Neighbors reported that the man shot off fireworks all of the time and described him as nice and hard working.

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Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer said investigators did a thorough search because they didn’t know if there was some connection to bomb making associated with the explosion. Their investigation revealed however, that the man enjoyed making fireworks as a hobby. Our top rated criminal lawyer in Greensboro was advised that his dogs were fortunate to survive the explosion and fire.

Our top rated family lawyer in Greensboro sends out their thoughts and prayers for the man, his family and his dogs. Stay safe Greensboro!