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Family Reeling from Death of Daughter per Attorney

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Car accidents happen all of the time, and sadly sometimes our world loses wonderful people as a result of them. A 20-year-old Greensboro woman was killed over the weekend after a car accident.

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Our car accident lawyer in Greensboro was advised that she was a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone else that veered off the road and crashed into the Weaver Building.

Our Greensboro DWI lawyer was advised that police believe alcohol and speed to be the primary causes of the crash. Our attorney in Greensboro was told that she was a college student and set to be married at the time of the deadly car accident. Her family is beside themselves with grief as they deal with the horror of this situation.

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Her mother received a knock at the door, saw it was law enforcement and instantly knew something was wrong.

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Our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro was advised that drinking and driving accidents are on the rise. No parent should ever have to deal with the pain of losing a child. Our family lawyer in Greensboro sends out their thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of this young lady.