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Boy on Scooter Killed per Top Rated Lawyer

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In an extremely sad update, a 5-year-old boy was killed this weekend when a car attempted to pass him on his electric scooter. It was around 10 PM, and our top rated lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the boy was riding his scooter to cross the highway. A 27-year-old man struck the boy on the roadway according to a car accident lawyer in Greensboro.

Our Greensboro lawyer was asked the question, but why was a 5-year-old boy out at 10 PM without any supervision? And the truth be told, we honestly do not know.

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Our lawyers in Greensboro have been advised that the accident is still under investigation and they are looking into the cause and whether or not criminal charges will be forthcoming.

Our top rated family lawyer in Greensboro sends out their thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of this young boy. Stay safe Greensboro!