Experienced Greensboro DWI Attorney Gets Questions

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Experienced Greensboro DWI Attorney Chad Garrett gets questions from young attorneys constantly.

Recently, this question has come up over and over again:

“Blood comes back negative for alcohol. We know there were some other drugs going on. Send it back to test for drugs and wait it out? Or, set it for trial to make the state get the drugs back or not while having it marked Subpoena Witness (i.e., set for trial date certain) ‘800 times’ and try to get it thrown out?  Debate among new attorneys.”

The answer is complex, as it is unique to each case.  Experienced officers have been sending two separate blood tests, one for blood and one for alcohol however, and they come back at separate times.  Few ADAs or officers have access to the technology to check on this status however.

Whether you are a young attorney needing assistance, or charged with a DWI or DUI, contact Chad Garrett, 10.0 AVVO rated DWI Attorney.  He is always happy to discuss these and any other details in depth.  He is available at 336-379-0539.