Employee Leave Lawyers

Law regarding employee leave is most often governed by the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), the contours of which have become well-defined over the roughly two decades since its passage. If you fall within the list of eligible employers under FMLA and your employee qualifies for such leave under the Act, it is a serious violation to deny them such leave – a violation which can carry significant penalties.

What is often overlooked is that North Carolina has enacted its own specific leave laws relating to particular types of workplace absences. Specifically, employers operating in North Carolina are required to allow parents or legal guardians up to four hours per year of unpaid leave to attend or participate in the school activities of children they care for. Additionally, it is illegal to punish employees who are required to serve as witnesses or jurors in court proceedings. Within the confines of this law, punish is a word used very broadly, and can include counting such absences against their available personal or sick leave.

However, as an employer, you are not without your own protection. To prevent abuse and surprise, both the FMLA and North Carolina leave laws require employees to follow particular procedures, sometimes including official medical or court certification for absences in order to qualify for leave.

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