Contracts & Agreements


No matter how simple a transaction or hire seems on the surface, there are often complicated legal concerns lying underneath it. A mistitled or poorly-devised hiring document can transform an employee who is supposed to be at-will into one with a formal contract, entitled to greater rights and protections than normal. A carelessly used word can give consumers warranty protection that you never intended. An omitted adjective or description can completely transform the quality or type of goods you’ve purchased.

Because of these pitfalls and complexities, hiring a licensed attorney to handle your needs for either drafting or reviewing both contracts and agreements is crucial. When involved in the process, your lawyer can protect your rights, assert your interests, and ensure that the final document created or approved is exactly what both parties intended – a vital result given the difficulty in reforming or modifying contracts without mutual consent under North Carolina law.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we understand that your focus is running your business. Give us the burden of creating the documents that help that happen. With our help, you’ll be protected because we aren’t just satisfied with paperwork – we ensure that all your paper works – for you, your employees, and your business.

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