Internal Investigations

When your business is facing a serious disciplinary dilemma or a government inquiry, the difference between missing the iceberg and turning into a sinking ship is often the advice and actions your organization takes in the immediate aftermath. Once you act, you can’t go back, but you need accurate information to respond to the questions being asked of you. So what are you to do?

Many companies recognize that an internal investigation is an excellent starting point, but what they fail to understand is that if undertaken without an attorney, the entire process can be exposed to subpoenas by the government or discovery in the case of an eventual civil suit. But many companies also lack a dedicated legal department to help shape and control an internal investigation so that it benefits rather than breaks you down the road.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we have the legal knowledge and business chops to help you navigate difficult times like these. We offer affordable fees to provide on-site investigative leadership, interview involved employees, and observe of government interviews from a legal perspective.

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