Have you ever had a dispute with your employer about your hours or pay? Too often, employees with legitimate complaints are silenced by flawed advice, heavy-handed supervisors, or fear of punishment for even bringing up a question about their paycheck. Thanks to the many federal and state laws protecting you, you don’t have to settle for empty assurances or incomplete answers. You are entitled to more.

While the laws surrounding hours and pay are complex and vary from state to state, there are still many universal guarantees. Federal and state law both guarantee you a minimum wage. Unless you fit into a specialized classification, if you work for an hourly wage, you should be receiving overtime pay for the hours you work beyond a standard forty-hour workweek. Even then, North Carolina promises many otherwise exploited workers premium pay after forty-five hours of work. Whether your concern is about your pay rate, overtime, accuracy of your employer’s records, paycheck deductions, or even the conditions your child is being asked to work in, you have national protection thanks to the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”).

If problems do exist in these areas, you may be entitled to one or more legal remedies, including back-pay, interest, and in North Carolina, liquidated damages that can in certain cases double your recovery.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we recognize that when you work hard, you are entitled to the pay your employer promised and the protections that the law guarantees. No employer, no matter how large, has the right to violate wage and hour laws that your elected representatives have passed to protect you. We offer affordable representation in such cases and will investigate all aspects of your individual situation thoroughly to ensure you get the pay you deserve. If warranted, we will contact the appropriate government agencies on your behalf to ensure that widespread violations are brought to their attention and prosecuted. Don’t silently accept less than you’ve earned.

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