Are you in desperate need of leave related to a medical condition or family obligations, but terrified of losing your job? Many employers will try to deter you from taking this leave, resting on the general rule that employees are not entitled to time off or job security as a matter of right. However, this blanket stance flies in the face of a law passed by the federal government over two decades ago to protect you – the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”). If you and your employer are covered under FMLA, many options may be available to help you adjust to the birth of a child, caring for a child, parent, or spouse with a serious health problem, your own serious medical condition, and more.

What specific options may be available? First, up to twelve weeks of unpaid, but job-secure leave during a twelve month period, with guaranteed restoration to your previous position or one with equivalent pay, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment. Your employer is also bound to continue your existing group health insurance coverage during this period. Other options may include either working reduced hours or an intermittent work schedule instead of simply taking leave – an ideal remedy when you need to balance your obligations at home with your need to continue bringing in a paycheck. Your employer is also prohibited from interfering with or denying you your rights under FMLA.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we will work hard to protect your right to take care of yourself and your family. You shouldn’t have to be afraid of losing your job or your career path because you’ve chosen to be a good parent, child, or spouse. We offer affordable representation in such cases and will act quickly to make sure your employer respects your rights.

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