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DUI Lawyer updates Impaired Driving Case

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Greensboro DUI Lawyer

Just after 8 PM, law enforcement stopped a Honda CRV for various equipment violations. Our Greensboro DUI lawyer was told that there was a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the car when is what gave the officer a reasonable suspicion that perhaps the driver was driving while impaired.

Our criminal lawyer in Greensboro was told that the officer had the man step out and begin performing standardized field sobriety tests. According to the officers there were a number of factors showing impairment, which led to the officer arresting the man and charging him with driving under the influence.

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Our Greensboro lawyer was told that due to the impairment possibly being marijuana, they took the man’s blood as North Carolina is an implied consent state. The man was 19 years old and our Greensboro marijuana lawyer wants everyone to be aware that DWI’s aren’t just limited to alcohol. If you’re high on drugs, whether it be marijuana or some other substance, such as meth, heroin, or cocaine, can also result in a DWI charge.

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Our top rated criminal lawyer was told that they also seized the man’s car as a result of impaired driving. Our top rated Greensboro lawyer will continue to keep you updated on the status of this DWI case. Stay safe Greensboro!