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Driver charged with DWI hit apartment per Attorney

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A van crashed into a North Carolina apartment Sunday afternoon. Around 3:35 in the afternoon a white van partially crashed into an apartment. The car accident hit a person who was in her bed inside the apartment per a Greensboro attorney.

Our car accident lawyer advises that earlier there were calls to 911 for a possible impaired driver, as callers advised that the van was swerving back and furth across the street. The drive then ran into the back of a black sedan according to our car accident attorney. The man then veered off the road into the apartment budilign. Our personal injury attorney has been advised that the person in the black sedan and also inside the apartment were taken to the hospital for treatment of their personal injuries.

The driver of the van took off running and then got into a nearby taxi. Police stopped the taxi and took the man into custody. A Greensboro lawyer at our law firm advises that the man was charged with DWI and felony hit & run.