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Divorce Lawyer Kim & Kanye Update

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In what has been a turbulent up and down relationship for years that resulted in four children, our divorce lawyer is seeing the Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West divorce unfold right before our eyes. Divorces are extremely emotional things, and to have it play out publicly our top rated divorce attorneys can only imagine the extra burden that comes with a public divorce.

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Discussions about who did what, who was right, who was wrong, apologies and everything that comes with a relationship typically is done behind closed doors. Not anymore. When the world turns to social media, our divorce lawyer is watching as a part of their relationship dynamic is revealed publicly. Kanye wants to get back with Kim and be a better father. Our family law attorneys are observing closely as on one end Kim believes Kanye should have a wife who fully supports his vision. Moving to Wyoming, running for president, and everything else. But truthfully, we all know it’s about more than that. Kim feels like she can’t do anything right and she has a husband that wants to live somewhere else.

Kim gives hints of wanting to settle down and enjoy the smaller things of life whereas Kanye wants the bigger things.

Our Greensboro divorce lawyer understands that it would appear they’re heading in opposite directions. Kanye’s ambition is guiding him to pursue bigger things, where Kim’s ambition is to find peace in her circumstances. Our divorce lawyer in Greensboro sees this sort of thing play out all of the time at the Greensboro courthouse.

When two people want different things it can create a lot of friction in a relationship.

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Hence the reason they have filed for divorce and have separated. They publicly are saying their friends and and working out details of co-parenting according to a child custody attorney. Kim though publicly has been seen now spending time with Pete Davidson, the comedian.

How serious this situation is yet to be seen, but our divorce attorney questions whether this is a ploy to make Kanye jealous. There’s always this aspect of what we’re shown publicly versus what’s really happening in a divorce. Our top rated divorce lawyer wonders if this is all a game on Kanye. Make him jealous so he’ll adjust his goals and that way he can focus on what Kim wants for her life. Perhaps their stars will align now according to the best divorce lawyer.

Is Pete Davidson a rebound, or is it something real? In due time we will find out, but our divorce lawyer in Guilford County can’t help but feel for their family during this time. The public nature of all of this must be extremely hard for the person wanting to mend the relationship. Once things enter the public sphere it’s not as if you can simply take it back. Our family lawyers in Greensboro recommend that if you file for separation or divorce, don’t lose track of the emotions involved. Because the hurt you bring your former spouse may in turn bring you pain.